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Zup Design presenta Lighted, un’installazione di lampade da terra e da sospensione in cemento progettate da Marco Williams Fagioli, Compasso d’Oro ADI 2016.

zup poop

limited edition

Effegibi Catalogo STEAM

Catalogo dei generatori di vapore ideati da Effegibi.

Effegibi Catalogo 2016

Catalogo 2016 Sauna e Hammam

Marco Williams Fagioli XXI Triennale Milano Zup Design

XXI Triennale Milano - MATRIS

MATRIS was selected among the projects of the XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition 2016 and showcased at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

Marco Williams Fagioli - Zup Design

5 MM

The 5MM project designed for Treemme won the XXIV Compasso d'Oro ADI 2016 Prize. In 2014 it was awarded with the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD, the GRAND DESIGN ETICO and the prestigious and much-coveted RED DOT DESIGN AWARD, as well as the DESIGN PLUS PRIZE in 2013.

Zup Design Multiverso


The visual identity project of Icograda Design Week Torino 2008 (October 13-19) was developed around the theme of Multiverso. “Multiverso” means “many ways” in which culture and action can live together in a diverse and frequent unpredictability: a world regulated not by univocal laws, but made of potential differences.

Marco Williams Fagioli Zup Design

Expo 2015 - Convivium 2.0

Convivium 2.0 è un progetto di allestimento e comunicazione realizzato per la Regione Umbria per Expo 2015.

Steve McCurry Exhibition

Progettazione allestimento e sistema di segnaletica esterna della mostra fotografica Sensational Umbria di Steve McCurry. Complesso Ex Fatebenefratelli e Museo Civico Palazzo della Penna, Perugia - Umbria, 2014-2015.

Guastalla School

Mario Cucinella Architects

Visual identity and internal signage project for the new school in Guastalla (Reggio Emilia, Italy), in collaboration with MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects.

Centro di Cultura Contemporanea

Museo Palazzo della Penna Perugia - Italy

Zup Design Spollo Kitchen

Spollo Kitchen

This book is a collection of recipes submitted and illustrated by Italian and international designers. Published by CTS Grafica and distributed by Corraini Edizioni


8EMEZZO - a project created for Regione Umbria at FuoriSalone 2016 in Milan - draws inspiration from the basic ingredients of cuisine for a series of stackable wooden bowls, whose forms connect to the missing half of the original content.

School of Sustainability

Architecture in revolution / Post graduate Education by Mario Cucinella Opening now in Bologna, Italy. School of Sustainability

Effegibi Website

Website design and creation for Effegibi, one of the leading companies in the wellness sector in Italy.

Zup Design Elica annual report

Elica Annual Report 2010

The concept created by Zup Design for Elica annual report was to transfer the idea of the sensorial experience to the design of the book.

Zup Design

NID Fashion Show 2014

Poster created for NID Fashion Show 2014.

Milano Marathon Trophy

Il nuovo Trofeo ‘sostenibile’ della Milano Marathon La XIV SuisseGas Milano Marathon.


The Minimetrò of Perugia is a city’s light transit system that consists of only one line. Each of the seven Minimetrò stations was architecturally designed by Atelier Jean Nouvel (Paris).

CTS Happy Super 2016

Christmas Kit di CTS Grafica.

CTS World 2

Kit di pezzi realizzati in microonda accoppiato in bianca e volta con carta Arcoset EW da 300gr, stampata a 4 colori.

Zup Design


New pack for Thewonderfulsocks.

Zup Design

Binova at Eurocucina - DVD

The DVD was sent to clients and vendors that Binova invited to visit their stand at the Eurocucina 2008 exhibition (Salone Internazionale dei Mobili per Cucina).

ADI Design Index 2013

Adi Design Index is a catalog of the best design products selected annually by ADI.


Protiviti, video istituzionale per i 10 anni di attività in Italia. Watch the video

Azienda Agraria Carini

Branding e identità della storica Azienda Agraria Marco e Carlo Carini.

22 MM

22MM mixer set line was prized with ADI CERAMICS AWARD 2014 at Cersaie fair in Bologna, in collaboration with ADI (Association Industrial Design) and Ente Fiera, which recognizes the most innovative products in the Italian ceramic sector.

NID Website

Il progetto di identità NID premiato da AIAP all'International Graphic Design Week

NID Contest 2015

Cinque borse di studio gratuite NID — Nuovo Istituto di Design, Perugia — per l'A.A. 2015-2016 in Graphic Design, Illustrazione, Fumetto, Fashion Design, Architettura d'interni e Fotografia.

NID Contest 2016

Cinque borse di studio gratuite NID — Nuovo Istituto di Design, Perugia — per l'A.A. 2016-2017 in Graphic Design, Illustrazione, Fumetto, Fashion Design, Architettura d'interni e Fotografia. www.nidcontest.it

Paper Tree

Happy New Year Greeting Card.

NID Fashion Show 2015

Posters for a fashion show NID (Professional Design Institute based in Perugia, Italy).

Pack Multiverso

Packaging made of die-cut and silk-screen printed cardboard designed for the posting of 3 posters 70x100 Multiverso (folded) closed with industrial rubber bands.

Marco Williams Fagioli Zup Design

Vaselli Marmomacc 2009

The exhibit design project for Vaselli Marmi was awarded with the prestigious Best Communicator Award at Marmomacc 2009 exhibition, for the originality and lightness of touch with which it was presented, in the perimeter structure, the strength of stone, and for the formal rigour of the solutions for interiors.

Zup Design Marco Williams Fagioli


The avant-garde Multiplo integrates the technology of an oven and an induction hob to offer five cooking functions: steaming, frying, boiling, roasting and slow cooking, into one streamlined kitchen worktop solution.

Saio Wine Shop

Assisi - Italy

Credito Cooperativo Umbro

Sede centrale

Perugia - Italy

Anima Space Kitchen

Binova - Techno-Logical Kitchens


Giacomelli, Verona - Italy


Giacomelli, Verona - Italy

Oco Kitchen

Vaselli Marmi - Spirito Pietra

Suite System

Rimini, Italy

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