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Effegibi Catalogo STEAM

Catalogo dei generatori di vapore ideati da Effegibi.

Effegibi Catalogo 2016

Catalogo 2016 Sauna e Hammam

Zup Design Multiverso


The visual identity project of Icograda Design Week Torino 2008 (October 13-19) was developed around the theme of Multiverso. “Multiverso” means “many ways” in which culture and action can live together in a diverse and frequent unpredictability: a world regulated not by univocal laws, but made of potential differences.

Zup Design Spollo Kitchen

Spollo Kitchen

This book is a collection of recipes submitted and illustrated by Italian and international designers. Published by CTS Grafica and distributed by Corraini Edizioni

Zup Design Elica annual report

Elica Annual Report 2010

The concept created by Zup Design for Elica annual report was to transfer the idea of the sensorial experience to the design of the book.

ADI Design Index 2013

Adi Design Index is a catalog of the best design products selected annually by ADI.

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